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All these days are important times to rework issues around partnership. Mars enters Water sign Scorpio on December 9, boosting your energy to get things crossed off of your to do list. Warrior planet Mars will be activating the sector of your chart that rules your daily routine as well as your self care rituals.

So, whether you need to hit the gym or finish an important project at work, Mars will bolster you.

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A new moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 18, wiping the slate clean within your relationships—perhaps bringing you a fresh start within a partnership that already exists or helping you move forward to new relationships with new people. This is a wonderful time to cast a love spell or to work magic around creating a more harmonious relationship with a nonromantic partner. Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, this is definitely one of the most important days of the month—a new two and a half year journey is before you!

Everything from issues concerning intimacy and sex to your debts—financial, emotional, or other—to your fear around change and endings, will be addressed as Saturn moves through Earth sign Capricorn. The only way to work with Saturn is to be your most mature, responsible version of yourself possible. Act childishly, and expect the universe to give you a big time out.

gemini Horoscope

Serious matters are coming up for you to work with, and you need to approach them with the respect they deserve. The winter solstice arrives as the Sun enters Capricorn on December The Sun also meets Saturn on this day, so expect the tone to be sober. This is a powerful time for letting go of the past, and for tapping into your psychic intuition. Expect issues around sex and intimacy to come to the fore, and to hammer out complicated financial issues, especially those that concern shared resources. Some of the best Sagittarius traits are his frankness, courage, and optimism.

He is a restless wanderer, so the best you can do to keep his attention is to share in his quest, appreciate his wisdom and respect his opinions. Some of the negative Sagittarius characteristics include his carelessness and impatience. The Sagittarius man can also be tactless, superficial, and over-confident at times. He needs freedom and doesn't like clingy women.

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If you want to seduce him, you will have to learn when to hold on and when to let go. The Sagittarius man is a logical thinker and an enthusiastic listener, who will listen carefully to everything you have to say, before processing the information and coming to his own conclusions. Sagittarius women are wild, independent, fun, friendly and outgoing.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

They enjoy expressing themselves in a sexual manner and they are determined to live life to the fullest. A Sagittarius personality is vibrant, inquisitive, and exciting. The woman born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign is an honest woman, who always speaks her mind and values freedom and independence.

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If you want to seduce the Sagittarius woman, you should ask her out on a date outdoors. She loves adventures and long conversations.

Dating a woman born under the Sagittarius star sign requires an adventurous spirit, because she sees everything as a challenge and can't stand boredom. However, although she is wild, do not expect her to fall in love with you immediately. Once the Sagittarius woman does fall in love, she will be a loyal and caring partner. If you give her a reason to think a relationship with you is going to be difficult, she will simply walk out the door. The Sagittarius woman usually has multiple love affairs throughout her life, due to the fact that she will not settle for a relationship that makes her unhappy.

In order to date the Sagittarius woman, you will need to possess a free spirit and love of travel. She sees life as one big adventure and expects her partner to be adventurous, spontaneous and romantic.

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Sagittarius man - information and insights on the Sagittarius man. Sagittarius woman - information and insights on the Sagittarius woman.

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You more readily find guidance, and you might stumble upon a helpful person or project at this time that can change your life, particularly related to career. Ponder, plan, be charitable — here is where you forgive, let go of resentments, create a space for new joys, prospects to enter your heart. For the East Asian zodiac based on the Jovian orbital cycle, see Chinese zodiac. Sagittarius monthly horoscope. Pleasure, love, and creative expression continue to figure strongly in your life this month, dear Gemini. Catesby Taliaferro ed.

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